"CERVOCE" Will Be a very big Fantastic film with of huge and of huge ecological messages for the maintenance of our planet.


There are practically seven or eight pages to be read for this article of information, concerning the big plan of this big fantastic film, because there are also some extracts of stages in this presentation.


A nice reading is wished you.

We have finally the pleasure of informing you that after 10 years of studies of scenario for the big fantastic film for the protection of the planet and fauna and the flora has just been ended and we are going to attack auditions from January 31st, 2021 if everything goes well or before if the main shareholder gives me his green light for this colossal operation for the filming of this big historical and worldwide film and which never has was conceived by a human being this day, and to prove you our determination to want at all costs to make this big film, we have already made two meadows-casting one in 2005 and the second who was the most important it was in 2013 or we had received 45 000 more than mails, but it was only meadows-casting to see if we will find the main actors without too much problems in France, this step was necessary for guarantees of the banks which wanted to finance this film, as well as the private investors, who will besides be numerous very, without forgetting all future not active shareholders, because they found that scenario was very interesting and most unusual, but they demanded nevertheless and absolutely this near - castings, unfortunately on mails 45 000 that we received, we had found it difficult to find three young men, who will have maximum between 18 - 25 years the day of filming and who will be besides the main of the film, after Zeus's role " Cervoce " of course, but since I am atheistic, therefore I named it "CERVOCE" the absolute master of all world, but not only for this reason, and my title role was to find and to set up a casting of shock and also to assure later all complete realisation of the film, anyway there will be a main film director more three other film directors and a movie director, they will also be my main helpers, to assure complete perfection the filming of this big film, therefore we will be four film directors, to be able to assure perfection this big filming, and the young people will have a small training of week by one of the film directors, so that they could be at the height for day j.

And why to have chosen to name him Cervoce ?

Because I think that to have created life on earth and elsewhere, and this I am sure there and certain that we are not the only ones in this huge world, otherwise all this would have sense in no way. Therefore the big brain which created this huge world which shows us completely and that is accompanied by a splendid or several the sun who make live and shine with thousand millions of stars existent and imaginable and splendid, but especially grandiose, without forgetting every these living bacteria on earth and elsewhere as, and as they give life continuously, even though we know 10 % barely only of these bacteria, because there is others a lot than we have no again discovered and I think that this will be surprise for the human beings once discovered, as well as all these laws of nature which are perfectly well defined, as that of human beings, but much more reflected and established well, it can be only the work of a grand master who has a sacred brain, and who is most unusual in this world and the planet where we live, even though we know 1 % barely big maximum of this Huge worlds and which is very impressive and interminable.

Three young actors and their angels security guard :

But to come back to three young actors, they owe absolutely credit of humour, since you are nevertheless going to make 5000 blows on earth, and also so that you could come back into the skin of the characters to be able to fulfil your missions which will be very specific and very important for the planet, and in more with three splendid huge lions who will be your companion and your guardian angels, because they will follow you everywhere on Earth, by the fact that they will have much more power than to you, and in more they will speak the language of the human beings, and you will also have seven other guardian angels of human appearance and who will be besides so rather young, because they will have between 20 - 30 years, and they will watch over you till the end of your missions, it is Cervoce where he decided on it so, but attention, you will have only of seven days maximum and no day furthermore to fulfil and to succeed your or your missions which will be very definite and must be applied to the letter. Why seven maximums days? you will know it as soon as you will have read the complete synopsis, because it is much more clear than this big presentation page, and he will be very soon and he will be very soon accessible to everybody.

It is what type of film ?

Anyway, it will not be completely a film of type Greek as some people could think of it, but it goes up a bit to this type of film, but it will completely differ as regards history, since there it is for the maintenance of the planet, and a big battle of the Gods to try to save our planet " the earth ", and there will also be true war vessels of the Gods, and who will be very special, because they will be especially conceived just like the Gods of the world, for this big historical film, and there will also be a hundred of horses, whose flying white high horse one will be and that it will be that of the queen Karthala, as well as four huge lions white steering wheels also, which will be for three young people and one for the goddess Annimause (the warlike goddess and protector of the animals), and three other lions will be for three young men, to protect them and also for their displacements, in the world and on earth, and it is besides with these three huge lions who they are going to go down for the first time on earth, and of course they will be strongly accompanied by one war vessel, it is Cervoce where he decided on it so for their security, because you should not forget that they are his three sons legitimate, and this will not be either a science-fiction film, since that there will be vessels of striking, with the badge of the Gods of this huge world who will be very impressive and their badge will be marked on all their vessels, and they are besides going to fly over the planet " the earth " with, to prepare big striking not only against the unconscious human beings and who are in 100 % representative, but also to choose the very definite places which are very harmful for the planet, where they will have to hit without their being able to touch the innocent human beings or animals or wild fauna, and that they will besides be very to protect during this big striking by the warlike goddess Annimause, because only her can speak the language of the animals and even be transformed in whatever goes out of animal or to see even being transformed into any human being, and also she will be far from being loving with the human beings, because when she will knock, she will hit the human beings unconscious without any pity, especially if they touch animals and wild fauna.

Striking by the war god Guériosse :

This striking if it will take place, will be run by the main God of war " Guériosse " as well as by four warlike goddesses, without forgetting of course with the whole rather consequent army, but reassure yourselves once again, they will hit only only those who do not respect the laws of nature or that they do not deserve being and living on earth, but before Guériosse receive the official order of Cervoce to begin hitting the responsible human beings and the unconscious and this without waiting and immediately, especially the big of industries, for those who are very harmful and who are a disaster for the environment of the planet and without forgetting fighters of course Landowning if they try to oppose to this striking and which will be unfortunately case, conclusion they all will be slaughtered and struck down in flash by Very Guériosse.

The complete report of the state of the Earth :

But first of all this, they will first have to make a rather complete report of the state of the Earth and especially that of funds of the oceans, which Cervoce demands immediately before he could give this order of striking in Guériosse, who will be besides fatal and dramatic for the selfish and unconscious human beings of their unpardonable acts.

OK, I will not say to you more concerning this big scenario, because there will be many stages which are going to take place before and after the vessels which have flew over the earth and delayed the complete report in Cervoce, because the rest is completely confidential at the moment, but some stages of the beginning of the film only, will be on the synopsis and which besides it will very be soon to release and accessible to all, and believe it in me you are going much better to understand the history of this film by reading it, to know for example, why three young people have only seven days to fulfil their mission, you will see he will be rather definite and very special,

because he will also make seven or eight pages.

The actors :

But let us return to the problem of the actors which have had try to search casting during meadow in 2013, for the goddesses and for some of the subordinate roles we had had no problem to find them, except for the actor who will be also very important in the film which is "Durisse" and that will be besides the right hand of Cervoce and that will have colossal type between 45 - 60 years with a humour Louis de Funès, but it will be a true crook, with several faces and that will be not very nice with three young people, because it will be very jealous of them, and besides often, he calls them " these hoodlums " by what the young people do not give up dredging the goddesses, because he would like to be their age old" and also he is ready to sell his soul to the devil to save the head towards Cervoce, you will see him later why, and yes, there are a lot of mysteries and surprises in this big film, and besides without Durisse it will not be possible to make the film, because he will have a very important and necessary role, because he must be masterly in this film, as well as for "Diablisse" (The devil for the human beings, but the big rival and the nightmare for Cervoce), because he also disposes some planets in the world, but not really as much as Cervoce, and he would like to have a little more planets and especially, he absolutely wants to acquire the nicest of the planets of the world " the Earth ".

As regards pre-casting in 2013, we had nevertheless set up in this epoch a very nice casting, which had really pleased the future new shareholders as well as the young or less young actors who were shortlisted or to play in the film, because they did not give up laughing in our offices by reading scenario, by the fact that they were authorised to read that first 50 pages of scenario only, as long as they were not officially accepted for a very definite role and especially to pass audition, and yes it is my way of making to assure perfection the filming of this film total.

The famous and necessary Durisse :

Therefore was missing no more than three young people and Durisse, because I had found Diablice who was in 100 % compatible with the character and he really had the head which I searched, it was incredible, and that he will have shone, between 50 - 55 years, and same Cervoce, I had also found him, and however, it was the hardest to find, and it was not amateurs, but professional actors and that they were very known in the world of the cinema and that they found brilliant scenario besides and who absolutely wanted to play in this film, besides as soon as they will see our casting announcements, I am sure there that they are going to contact me. Cervoce he must have between 60 - 70 years and have a nice skin and without too many wrinkles and he must make minimum 1m85 and he must have eyes very clear preferred or supporting the colour contact lenses, and also have very serious and impressive voice is rather frightening, to be able to supplement this casting completely in 2013 and get ready the biggest film of the century never conceived by a human being, anyway not in my knowledge nor that of all my future shareholders or all my collaborators, because this is going to be a planetary film, that is the whole world can am to invest financially or to put itself physically where put itself voluntarily, for a good cause for this big film, because you should not forget that the whole world is concerned of the Present state of the planet, and do not forget that since 2019 we exhausted all wealth of the planet, that is from this date we will live on credit, because in 100 years only we passed from 2 thousand million to almost 8 thousand millions today and after the opinions of the scientists we will be practically 12 thousand millions in 2050, it is incredible.

Attention :

But attention, dream but not too much, because to take one of these five roles of 3 young men or that of Durisse or Diablisse, it is really necessary to have a sacred talent to be accepted, and they have the work in front of us, this is not going to be reliable, because the film is not going to turn of a magical sweep of the broom, it is necessary to be conscious of this, because you should not forget that it is a very big feature-length film, and also it is a film which is going to ask for a very big rather consequent budget, and the future shareholders are going to be rather hard and see even very demanding before investing in this type of film, and also it to ask nevertheless for several years of studies to come to this. The future society ITS Production Cinaflash will be constituted with a tremendous number of shareholders and they will be of origin of the whole world, and who are going rather well to invest in this big plan, so that we could be able to have the necessary financing to fulfil this big mission of the filming of the film " CERVOCE " among which some have already tremendously invested on this big plan and quite a lot of others have already signed promises for a financial participation with sums very important, but I will not say to you the total cost to be able to turn and set up this big film, Because not only at the moment it is confidential, and especially if you know the total sum which is needed, this will really prevent you from sleeping this evening.

The main film director :

But personally speaking as main film director and the scriptwriter of this big scenario of this film in LM, my task will stop in the production and in the realisation of this film the installation of big casting is, because I know exactly what I search and that will be compatible with the characters, because I have the characters of scenario in the skin, therefore for discussions and auditions, I will take care personally, but only of it of actors for the most important roles, that is to say title roles, but for subordinate roles and the extras or other roles, this will be my other colleagues film directors who will take care of this task, and be reassured concerning their competences, because they will all owe to see a very solid training or a big experience as movie director and film directors or equivalents, and they will therefore very qualified even much more than me in this domain which is cinematographic art, and they will have to to see quite a lot of years of experience, as well as the casting manager who will take care to him in general only of extras or of cameo roles and of silhouettes etc. and who will have the responsibility to take care of them, that is to say to shortlist them to participate in auditions if he is needed. And there will also be my main helper and technical engineer in broadcasting who will be the biggest representative as regards all techniques of the cinema, and it is it which will also take care of recruitment

 Technical engineers as well as all designers, he will have to have all competences requested to take care of all technicians of filming, to attend of course by engineers of every domain of the filming of this film, because I, I am not rather competent in this domain to run the professional technicians, especially as regards all special effects of new generation.

Therefore if you want to participate in this filming it is for very soon, then do not hesitate to watch for from time to time the sites of serious castings only and very known, because he casting announcements will be on quite a lot of casting sites as well as on radio stations and televisions and in quite a lot of other countries of the world also, this film Will Concern particularly the young people, but there will be very few very important roles as the persons showing on the 45 years, since between 30 - 45 years there will be that subordinate roles, But as regards the extras There will be no demanded age, and it is agreed that for all technicians and musicians, there will not be of very definite age, and attention it is not discrimination it is the scenario which has was so written, because this film is intended to be to play by a big part by the young people to defend their primordial inheritance before this is too much late, if they do not want to inherit from a big home completely burnt and radically done.

The financing of this big film :

This big plan is also going to be financed by quite a lot of countries which I will name slightly later, because I repeat it once again that this film is going to concern the whole world, since every person of us will be able to invest financially in this film, I will not say to you for the moment sum minimum which it will be necessary to invest for this film, because she is not defined yet and besides we are working over, therefore a little of patience.

It is very important that one looks on the big screen at this big film, so that the ecological messages conceived for the responsible human beings will pass much better, and also you should not forget that we all rather well learnt favour of television, because if there was no video or if you - want television, I think that we will be still at the age of stone, and I think that many people will agree with me on, because it is the only one and the best tool that we have to show in the whole world the state of our planet today, so that the man could be aware of the disaster which he made, so that the state of the planet is in this catastrophic state by watching this film, so that I hope that it will not be ready to forget the ecological messages who met very Impressive, and we will make everything for this, therefore if you love your sacred nourishing mother and especially for the maintenance of wild fauna who are disappearing radically from our world because of the man who is responsible for their disappearance, for the unhealthy activities which the man practiced and practices still this day, therefore do not forget the day come, offered to invest your time to make donations or investment to participate financially for this big filming of this film.

Why this scenario to ask for 10 years of studies ?

It is for a good reason, because this big film will broadcast a tremendous number of very impressive ecological messages with all this am very strong and direct, but with intelligence and diplomacy, but unfortunately, he risks being very embarrassing for some, because of their business, and it is for it that this will not be so easy to make him accept or to make understand him to the psychologically speaking responsible human beings, because there will be stages which I wrote which will be besides for some very funny, but for others perhaps in no way, or even very disturbing for their destiny, but is mad to this with it, but then completely, because the film will turn under a very high protection, with our services of security which will be rather consequent, by what we thought of everything, because by broadcasting this big film, will have the right to it to quite a lot of threats, and it is where our services of security come back to action, that's why preparation of this big scenario as well as training of our Service of security, therefore that's why he asked 10-year-old of studies, since this film, will be a big film for the maintenance of our planet, because it is of our planet the earth that it is, by the fact that when the planet will be completely dead, then I wonder in what this is going to serve them their destiny, in nothing, therefore to us what interests us it is our planet and especially in the fact that child is going to be left to our children and babies, and in more it was necessary to work and to write intelligently all ecological messages which are going to be in this film, because it is necessary that they are numerous enough and very powerful, so that they could really be recorded well for those what they do not respect the laws of nature as well as of wild fauna, who is not unfortunately respected of very today, therefore it was necessary to search and to find solutions for these very important problems and to be regulated as quickly as possible to our planet by making a very big fantastic film to make show in video all these impressive ecological messages and which will be very important concerning the situation of the planet.

Here are some extracts of stages who will be in this film :

Therefore here are some examples of stages which I am going to name to you, there will be a stage who will be very hard to see in the film that I wrote for those or those who roll type in big car especially 4x4 in full city centre, I speak of course for those who run with their tanks, without thinking of consequences of environment, for them the stage will be really very hard and unbearable to see, but not for others, because this stage will be very funny even too funny, with of very nice of special effects and of supernatural magic, I can assure him you that once they will have seen this stage them will not dare to tread underfoot any more in one 4x4 for a right time, because three young people, but with many other Young people will so much deride of them at the farthest not only landowning also, because this stage will be one of the mission for three young men who will be cruelly with them, but it is not the most important, you understand now because three young men have to have to have a colossal humour.

There will also be the God Humanisse, it is the God of the human beings and he is the first scientist with his collaborator the goddess " Scientimie «. He must also have between 60 - 75 years to represent this role in this film, and attention, he has a very important so important power as Cervoce, because he can punish even the war god without any special permission of the grand master Cervoce, and he will have as helper Main, the goddess Scientimie who must have between 30 - 45 years with a rather young appearance.

Another stage which I wrote on the surpêche in sea :

There will be very impressive ecological messages in this film, as for example: for those who practice the surpêche in sea, there also I wrote terrible stages, but they will be too odd, I would say even in no way, I would say rather dramatic and terrible, because the boats of the fishermen which practice of the surpêche, will be hit by a force and with an extraordinary and supernatural power by the goddess Mervice (the goddess of the sea) under the order of the queen Kathalat which ordered it with the permission of Cervoce to act immediately, and to be cruelly with them, by using all its powers that she stipulates as well that with the help of its soldiers, she will destroy them with all its power of unimaginable striking which it is even possible not to imagine in a dream, and it is breathtaking, because boats will meet in the bottom of the oceans and the human beings fishermen will be completely devoured by huge sharks as well as with other animal kinds which will be also tough and terrible that the big sharks, that Cervoce gave order has the goddess Mervice, to get outside immediately Mostriozes huge Mostriozes " they are half human beings and animal half and that are besides horrible looked, and him are in the funds of the oceans, there from time immemorial, to protect the oceans, and can go out only on order of Cervoce, so that they could this time help the goddess to destroy completely all these human boats which practice this unbearable surpêche for him, and as there are so many boats which practice of the surpêche, Cervoce asks in Guériosse to go to give a hand the goddess Mervice, by hitting all other boats which also practice the surpêche with all force of the vessels of striking, of course with all its army which have a force of unimaginable striking. And Cervoce ordered him and authorised to knock and to destroy completely all landowning combat aircrafts which would oppose in every this striking of the unhealthy boats, of course the aircrafts of landowning battle will have no chance with Guériosse, because they all will be slaughtered in flash of lightning, they will even have no time to put gases which will be already destroyed or for some will be destroyed in flashes in full sky.

Four goddesses of battle :

And there will also be four goddesses warlike Santanisse, Mervice, Annimause and Angisse as well as the big queen Kathalat, who will be also very important in this big film, because it is warlike goddesses, as well as queen Kathalat that will be the woman of Cervoce and she stipulate they too of impressive powers, and that they will have tasks as important as the goddess Mervice, but I will speak you one later or you will know it by reading synopsis or scenario in case you are authorised to read it, because I cannot reveal everything on this page, thanks for your understanding.


And if I chose to make this film with a lot of humour, it is to be able simply to sensitise and give a sense of responsibility to the human beings representative only, by deriding of them at the farthest thanks to three young humorists with a lot of intelligence, because some human beings think they are very allowed even though they are completely responsible for the current situation of the planet, and so that they are less selfish so a bit and especially aware of their acts, because they forget that they are only temporary on earth, and you should not forget that we all have one conscience and that she can destroy us completely psychologically speaking every other minute, it is for it that we are going to try to awaken their conscience so that they could accept and admit their errors, which will not be forgivable, and you should not also forget that the laws of life are worse than those of the men, because when they throw you over, it is the complete fog, without forgetting this misfortune which will follow you till the end of your days and your conscience which will not leave you or quieter, and you know the continuation of consequences in that case, and as the human beings are very fragile if they touch their dignity, therefore three young people go not hesitated one instant for the injured men at the farthest by touching their dignity to awaken their conscience, because you should not forget that the human beings have were so programmed and this by security for the masters of the world, so that they could in case to destroy them without any problem.

Filming will be made under a very high protection :

Therefore you understand now why scenario asked 10-year-old of studies, because it is necessary to turn it with delicacy and intelligence, with productions prepared well and very thoughtful as well as with all plans of filming established well among which some are still preparing, to be able to perform this big filming of this film without any particular incident, besides an engrossment left the investment of the film will be dedicated for the security of all the team, the technicians and the actors, finally all artists.

Three young people :

To come back to three young people, they have to have absolutely a colossal humour to be able to represent these three roles, because they will be always followed by the police and the police station to see even by the army, because as soon as they notice something that could harm the planet, them there destroys immediately, because their mission is to destroy all what am harmful for the planet, because there will be a stage which I wrote and that will be in the film, one of my favourites, while concerning the air-conditionings which people use without thinking of consequences for heating climatic, and that it is enough for them if are able it, simply to open two or three windows so that the wind could pass in their flat or their home without being obliged to start air-conditioning very and forgetting to use the natural air-conditioning which will be harmful in no way for the heating of the planet, and there three young people come back to action, and I can say to you that the stage will be too funny, but unfortunately, I cannot tell it you more at the moment therefore to follow.

They will also have a very definite mission what Cervoce entrusted them and who have to succeed in fulfilling him in less than seven days, and day besides, and it is where will really begin comedy and action to make you take breath away, and to fold you in four to laugh, I can assure it you, especially with Durisse who will always be on their way to try to make them miss their mission completely, otherwise he risks very important consequences with Cervoce, because if three young people achieve their mission perfectly, Durisse will be ejected on earth and will become human, that is to say a lethal for the rest of its days, why? And good you will know it when you will have read the synopsis or the part of scenario.

But also, they are going to make very important and imaginable damage especially by using their powers on earth, even though their powers will be very limited by security, because they are not rather old to have full powers, but they will always be protected, are by the warlike goddesses or by seven angels who will go down on earth to ensure their complete security, and also, you should not forget it that they are three sons of Cervoce and that he does not feel like losing his three sons, and it is for it that they have to measure 1,72 m in 1,80 m, because among six goddesses there will be three goddesses who have to measure minimum 1m58 or more, but three other warlike goddesses have to measure 1,66m minimums and preferably church-goers a combat sport.

Especially as Cervoce has just learnt that Diablisse went down on earth, conclusion he has launch red alert and he gave order has the goddess Santanisse to take off immediately to go down on earth and to try to destroy him. Therefore the goddess Santanisse is going to confront Diablice, and this is not going to be a child's play for the goddess Santanisse to confront Diablice, because he has so much to be able as her, but reassure yourselves she will be strongly helped by queen, and as he wants to appropriate the Earth and to prevent especially three young men from fulfilling their mission in seven days.

But, I can assure you as as this film will be of Louis de Funès in 100 % in spite of stages of striking which will be devastating and terrible, therefore if you like this type of humour and especially of action and play with special effects and supernatural powers, by seeing the palace and the planet of Cervoce, because they will be very well studied and highly decorated, and this will be really extraordinary to see and to make you burst eyes, and well you are going to be spoilt, because you should not forget that it is a big fantastic film, therefore there will be a tremendous number of magic, because the purpose of the film and to make you fill with wonder and to make about you especially a bit dream, without forgetting that it is possible not to make an omelette without breaking eggs, it is to say that in this film there will be a lot of actions and dramas, because the Purpose of this film, is to reach its main target.

We do not go with this big film to stop the human beings to continue degrading our nice planet neither bringing down 2 or 3 ° the heating climatic which continues climbing, but simply to make understand to the human beings, that not only they completely destroyed the big blue, but the most serious it is that they will have no second, at least not at the moment to destroy nor or to go to live tomorrow, but with every these dramatic and devastating stages as well as all these huge ecological messages which we are going to put in this film, will make them I hope thought about future, before they make other beyond repair and unpardonable acts, especially if they think of their children and grandsons by stopping being of true selfish men, or otherwise they will be completely destroyed forever, because this will be the end of the humanity, because the planet will not excuse and will take back all its rights by hitting some day all human beings, culprits and innocent persons, it will spare nobody either poor man or rich man.

And especially do not forget that we are that of passage on this planet and that nothing belongs to us and we are possessing nothing on this earth, we will leave the earth as we came, that is to say in the nude and our treasures will not save us and especially, they will not follow us.

Special effects :

All special effects which must be magnificently unique, they will be normally accomplished by the Americans, who are besides very competent in it types of fantastic films, with of course the assistant of the Engineers and technicians Switzerland and Australians, to use in this film all their new technology for various special effects, and do not forget that the film will turn if finances allow it to us in Australia, but a lot of the film in Switzerland, at any rate, it started in Switzerland and in two other cities but always in Switzerland, and the region where we have the intention of beginning filming Geneva is.

And to conclude, here is all that we can say to you at the moment about this big plan of filming of this big planetary film, but do not worry you, there will be other pages of information, but know a thing first of all, than the purpose of this big film is especially to sensitise the human beings on the very serious situation which crosses our planet by showing them in this film some very shocking realities and which will be catastrophic if we make anything for our big and nice blue. "Our nourishing mother who is very sacred for us and for all bacteria which live there"

We thank you for having taken the time to read us.


                                                                                                                                                        Film director and main scriptwriter                                                                                                                                       Adams Cathewen