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Now, Cervoce urgently desires to see the goddess Animause (the warrior goddess for the safeguard and protection of animals) to entrust her with a very special mission, to protect wildlife and all animals on earth, during the strikes by the goddess. of the sea (the goddess Mervisse) because she too will be merciless with destructive humans, especially if we touch the flora and fauna! ... to follow on the scenario.


Because in the event that the three young missionaries completely fail their missions despite the help of the four warrior goddesses (Santanisse, Mervisse and Angisse, as well as the goddess Animause) and the seven angels, it will be in Guériosse, with the help of Santanisse , and of the goddess Mervisse with a fairly substantial army, to strike with a lightning strike force, using majestic ships that almost reach the speed of light, as well as with all their powers that have of course, which will be a lot too powerful for the human forces to be able to cope, because the humans will be powerless against the strike force of Guériosse as well as that of Mervisse which moreover will form a great tsunami which will produce a great catastrophe, but only for the boats of the humans who practice overfishing, because the earth and animals as well as all innocent humans, will not suffer any consequences thanks to Animause obviously.


As you have noticed there will be a lot of actions, which will be dramatic for the guilty and unforgivable humans, but in addition it will be played with a lot of humor, because that is what will give the urge to continue. , watching this breathtaking great movie with great interest.


In any case, no destructive human being on the planet will be spared in this great fantastic film, since the main goal will be to convey the great messages as much as possible to all those who do not respect the laws of nature, and they will have the choice, either to change their unbearable behavior or to leave the planet "the Earth" and to seek and find another planet to live there, or to go to live on the planet of Diablisse for example, there at least it does not There is much more to destroy, since everything is already destroyed at home.


The master of the universe is not going to be kind to responsible humans !!!


Because all those who do not respect the laws of nature, will suffer rather dramatic consequences and without any mercy by the vessels of Guériosse's army, (which will be, moreover, very special and magnificent for such a film), without forget that humans will be greatly ridiculed and this to the maximum by the three young missionaries, using all possible means that will be placed at their disposal, because it is one of the main missions, and especially with all their powers and their great humor unique and essential to be able to accomplish this great mission, because they too will not give them gifts, they will do to destructive humans the same thing they do to the planet and especially to animals, with the help young people of other humans, who will also be against irresponsible and destructive humans, so that reassures them, because they will not be the only ones to fight and especially to continue to destroy this kind of harmful humans es, and it is the talking silhouettes and the extras who will come into action to help the three young people to succeed in their mission.


But you will see in the scenario, how the three young missionaries and Brituce, will land on earth (it will be beautiful, Magical and very fantastic) and how will they really act to make humans understand to stop destroying flora and fauna. and to respect the laws of nature, and also how the humans are going to do to defend themselves against the three young people and other young people and especially against the gods of the war, and also with what means does Guériosse go strike unconscious humans, and how the goddesses will go about helping the three young people in very difficult situations, not to mention the roles of the angels who will be seven in all with the goddess Angisse, and who will be essential in this great adventure to watch over and help the three young people on earth, who will also constantly have police and gendarmerie and even see the army after them because of the immense damage they will commit to save the pl anète, and without forgetting the famous Diablisse who will have a very important and diabolical role in this great mission, well, we will have to wait to read the great scenario, because for the moment it is very confidential, but you will be able to read it very soon on our site about fifty or a hundred pages maximum, as long as you have not auditioned, and you will see that in the scenario the story of the film is much more thrilling and much clearer than in this synopsis, and above all it will be played with a lot of humor especially between Durisse and the three youngsters, without forgetting the complicity of Diablisse.


That's all we can tell you in this synopsis, because there are so many other grand scenes, but they are very confidential at the moment, especially regarding all the ecological messages and the fantastic and dramatic scenes in this great film in LM.




                                                   Director and main screenwriter


                                                          Adams Cathewen

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