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And when meeting one of his main assistants in Cervoce, (the famous Durisse), instead advises him to strike the humans or eliminate them once and for all and without any mercy and without waiting for these savages to completely destroy the earth. , but Désérisse finds his idea completely diabolical and instead suggests to Cervoce to find another more pacifist and much smarter solution than that. Durisse, - you speak, you think that these humans are pacifists you? since we created these funny mortals for them, well it was rather Humanize who had the idea to create them in addition, it is therefore up to him to find a solution to this unacceptable situation with these humans, and in addition they are constantly at war with each other, with all the consequences that the planet is undergoing, with their bloody war, you notice you will tell me, the less there will be, the better it will be for the planet, and for us too as long as we are there, because we must not forget that they have gone from 1.5 billion to 8 billion today and this in just a century, incredible but true, to believe that they spent a century strolling , sorry for the term, but there are no others, and we must not forget that they have already exhausted almost all the natural resources of the planet, and that the earth will not have or more than enough resources to feed 10 billion people within a maximum of five to 10 years, and that we all know , and it really makes me laugh, you are ee, Queen, - if it makes you laugh so much, you can leave the meeting room where I ask the guards to take you out immediately if you continue your mockery which is unacceptable in places you are, then I advise you to 'be a little more serious or you will suffer very serious consequences, Durisse, - excuse me my queen if I knocked you out, this will not happen again. - the Queen, - well, I'd rather hear it, and now continue this meeting. Cervoce, - Dear Durrisse, I have the impression that you have not understood anything about the importance and the main purpose of this humanity on this planet, and it is true that they are only crossing this earth as you do. say so well, but they pay a price, because nothing is free for them on this earth where they live, with all the pain and suffering in the world that they have suffered on this earth, but with and joy and love also, you must not forget that, and you are asking me to make them disappear immediately and without delay without thinking of the dramatic consequences of the earth without humans, and of all the bacteria that live, and if I do what you me ask, the earth will become a completely dead planet, but she is sure that if they continue to play with fire, i will be forced to eliminate them permanently, but this is another debate that we will address later in another meeting with Master Humanise and the two great scientists, because it is with that that they and I and the queen, without forgetting of course Guériosse and the great scientist Danesse, will be able to make a decision concerning the future of these human beings, for the moment what they seek is to find a radical solution, to make them absolutely respect the environment of this planet, so if you have an interesting solution to offer us, we are here to listen to you, if not not to speak to say anything, -Durisse, -yes great Cervoce, j 've understood, now, but I may have another solution, - Cervoce, - yes, we are listening to you, Durisse, - why not send these three young lazy people where I would rather say these three scoundrels on earth to do faced with this situation with humans, I am obviously talking about those who work in the service of the protection of the planets, but in reality, they do absolutely nothing, except flirt with the goddesses, and in addition, they almost collided with two small planets there are some s older weeks of that, because they had a good time to flirt with e The goddesses instead of doing their job, Guériosse, - I think Durisse that you should go for treatment and especially to rest a little if you see this that I mean, because your solution is completely ugly and inconceivable, because we are not here to play with the kids, no, me too, I think we must now hit the humans responsible, even, for them illuminated urgently, but only those who do not respect the laws of nature, and I really think that this is the only solution we have at the moment, and especially to make humans understand that we are there and that we exist and that we monitor all their actions and gestures, or we must find another solution of sanctions and apply them immediately without too much delay, but the great scientist Danesse, says - I think Durisse's solution is very interesting, and I approve of it, because knowing that u humans are programmed to defend themselves in lightning, if we touch their dignity or if we awaken their conscience, then I think that if the three young people go back to earth with well-defined missions for the safeguard of this planet, and especially with their great humor which I find gigantic, they will have much more chance of making humans understand that it is time to stop their massacres, and obviously by ridiculing them as much as possible, and as everyone here knows, than they are very fragile, if we touch their dignity or their conscience, since we have not programmed them that way. And Cervoce after reflection, is completely in agreement to try Durisse's solution before considering striking the humans responsible for this dramatic situation on the planet, and for once, and he finds that Durisse's idea is quite interesting and convincing, and he said: - I will approve your idea, but on one condition, I totally agree with you, if they are not mistaken where they are, at least where they are . where they will go, they will be very busy, and especially to punish them for this incident which could have been fatal for the two planets, therefore, I will choose your idea, but be careful, they will only have seven days to succeed in this mission and not one more day, and with very limited powers, as they are still very young to have full powers, but if within seven days they fail to carry out my commands and convince these destructive humans to comply with the letter Earth, especially for the fauna of this planet you, which is disappearing completely on this earth, at that time they will become human and besides mortal, and they will remain on earth forever, and there I would immediately order to Guériosse to use all possible means to strike hard and fast the responsible humans, but on the other hand, as it is your idea, and that you have just insulted them of incompetent and scoundrels, especially that you know very well that they are my thr ee legitimate sons, if they succeed in their missions, it will be you who will become human, and you will come back down to earth and you will stay there forever too and you will also become a mortal, and for the little time that you will be left to live on, I am talking about once you are on earth of course, and at the age that you will be once on earth, you will not suffer for long, do not worry, and you will not really be a great loss for us, and there Satanisse said to Durisse while whispering, -you would have done better to shut your mouth and Durisse, answer him sd, -do not worry, they will have no chance of succeeding these scoundrels especially with Diablisse that he will certainly come back to earth and that I am sure, always whispering, but the great queen Kathala, looks at them constantly and without stopping, because she does not trust Durisse at all, because she will very well that one day or another, he will betray Cervoce. And there Cervoce asks Durisse to summon the three young people urgently, asking him who wants to see them tomorrow morning at 10 am and Durisse answers him, - there will be no problem big Cervoce, they will be there. see you tomorrow at 10:00 am without fail.

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